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A skilled bag of trash, which roams town to town dick to dick. The bag is notorious for it's gang bangs and overdosing on cum and cocaine. Trashley skills has been known for its pathological lies which it tends to actually convince its retarded self that these lies are true. T-skills has made quite the name for it self by beaking off any girl or guy and making unprobable threats towards them and then backing out when the chips are down. Researchers believe T.S could be anywhere from age 13 to 21, yet nobody knows because everytime she meets new people her age is different. The movie the decent was filmed in the bags gaping rectum.
"Trashley skills comming to a town near you"
"look out it's trashley skills"
"How old are you trashley skills"
"ewww Trashley skills"
by thehatedoctor June 08, 2009
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