getting trashed on a Tuesday; college slang for days of the week.
dude, i got so trashed on Trashed Tuesday !!
by 11223344556677889910 April 11, 2011
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Every feel like trash? Well Tuesday is the day for you. The first Tuesday of every month is considered Trash Tuesday. We don't take out the trash, but any trash there is can be worn and you will not be considered poor and or homeless. Trash Bandanas, Trash Dresses, Trash Shirts, and Trash Pants. All accpetable!
Me: Tomorrow is the first Tuesday of Novemer.
Friend: Finally I can wear my Trash Dress tomorrow!
Me: Why?
Friend: Every first Tuesday of the month is Trash Tuesday.
Me: Alright bet, ill wear my trash bandana tomorrow then.
by EU Terrorist November 4, 2019
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