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Slang for a military tour in Afghanistan. The term coined by Christian Bale's character in the movie "Harsh Times" (2005) which portrays an unstable ex-Army Ranger with a propensity for violence who returns home to south L.A.
Running and gunning, is that what the job's about sir? Sounds like Trashcanistan to me.
by SolidSession May 27, 2013
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Unlike the definition that cites these countries as being part of the middle east, anyone with a map knows that they are in fact Central Asian countries. Perhaps the fact that these people "hate America" is because of people like the previous definer who don't even know what part of the world they are located in. I am not pro-poor former Soviet Republic county either, but at least I know where they are located
Trashcanistan is in Central Asia, not the Middle East. Get a clue.
by Blunt Roller August 20, 2008
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Anywhere in the Middle East that follow the set of rules:
1. You cannot pronounce the country's name.
2. Hate America
3. Thinks it is okay to blow up themselves while taking innocent people with them.
Did you see on CNN today what happend in Trashcanistan.
by chode load April 09, 2007
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