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The Down and Dirty.
Also known as 'smart casual', 'New Casual' (tend to wear the slimiest of store reissues, retro and other 'deadstock' that suddenly became fashionable in what is called newtro), 'Rebelion Lite', or 'mod nouveau' in the United Kingdom.

It's the very much the same generation that gave birth to the retrosexual, messosexual (also written 'messrosexual'), 'dirty boy', the neo-mullet, trash-stash and flubble* (fluff stubble).
The glamoratti (now better known as the 'glam-trash'), has their perhaps...own weird take on Trash Generation: they go 'glamping' (glamour camping) in Glastonbury, mud-happiest in their glunge-y (glamorous + grungy) nowtro looks!

*This awesome word was taken out of UD by someone who didn't like me, but not my definitions.
by hammer---;, hytham April 13, 2007
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