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Any dungeon/raid that has bad DPS/Heals/Tanks or just people that die often enough that a run that supposed to take 20min will take 1-2 hours instead.

Can also be applied in real-life as well. A quick run to Wal-Mart to buy milk with someone else turns into a full blown grocery run where 5 minutes has turned into 3 hours.
Player 1: Hey, lets run a quick dungeon I got 20 minutes before work starts.

Player 2: Sure, just don't take Pussyslayer69 and Licklord86 those two are floormats and will turn this into a Trap Run.

Him: Hey babe I'm gonna run to walmart for some milk be back in 5mins.
Her: Hey let me come with you.
Him: Sure, lets go.

Three hours later.....

Him: What a trap run!
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by Deumus September 27, 2017
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