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Trap music is a music genre that originated in the early 2000s from Southern hip hop and crunk in the Southern United States. It is typified by its lyrical content and trademark sound, which incorporates 808 sub-bass kick drums, double-time, triple-time and other faster time division hi-hats, layered synthesizers, and "cinematic" strings.
ex. of Trap (music genre)
Person 1: Hey man how come these beats don't have any lyrics?? They are too good to not have lyrics!
Person 2: That's the purpose of Trap. It is more focused around beat production for the sake of good sound instead of being covered by someone's voice.
Person 1: I don't get it.
Person 2: Go with me to a trap festival and you'll understand.
by Non_Serviam November 24, 2013
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