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A ghetto black broad, who is loud and really stupid.
She mostly has nasty nappy-ass hair, may have clear or blemished skin, and a large schnoz. A real hideous monstrocity that needs to be kept out of the public eye.

Just that large nose, and her dark complexion does her in to make her really look like an ape.

A real canidate for being the most ugliest bitch on the planet.

She is one sorry ass hoe, lame as fuck, and is very manly looking.

Just looking at her makes you wanna gouge your eyes out and dip 'em in bleach.

But that is just the start.

1.) You will never stop puking

2.) Your I.Q will drop to -50

3.) You will wish that there was a suicide booth like Futurama and go kill yourself.

And that is when you just look at her.
Guy1: Walking around downtown, minding his own buisness.
Then suddenly Taliana appears; "Holy Shit!" Guy 1 says. Running for his life, stops to puke ever so often. Finally meets his friend.

Guy2: "Oh my god, what happend to you?"

Guy1: "I just saw Taliana"

Guy1: Pukes again after saying her name

Guy2: "That Transvestite Black Nofundo?"

Guy1: Nods his head

Guy2 "Oh no!!!!"

Guy1: "I need eye bleach"

Guy2: "It's too late for you my brotha"

Guy1: Goes retarded suddenly "gshoireioaheoith"

Guy2: "I will do you the favor of finding you a suicide booth"

Guy1 "dofgjoerh"

They somehow found a suicide booth and luckly Guy1 was put out of his misery.
by Your sauve Mac-Daddy December 10, 2010
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