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The study of the relationship between transformation , logos , phenomenology and ontology as it relates to transforming the context of being human to fulfill and empower people on what matters to them in a way that invariably fulfills and empowers everyone else.

Transfologophenomonotologicalism :

The non solipsistic recognition understanding, and responsibility that the liminal demarcation of humanities access to reality and phenomena is language, as conceptual dynamics, agreement that arises as consensus reality , and spoken word; and the subsequent understanding and capacity that within this context and relationship of human being-ness to reality, all phenomena , occurrences , actions, and results are the authorship of those arising as human beings. Reality in the liminal context of being human, in the absence of language, exists only as space for redefinition, transformation, and declaration.
Once he/she understood and tried on transfologophenomontology , it transformed the context and capacity of being human forever
by ZDlight January 17, 2017
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