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Someone who calls somebody a loser in an attempt to void the actual fact HE is the loser and trys to transfer his crappy life to somebody else. Includes anybody that posts "justified" definitions on of somebody they "seen" over the internet, yet they are actually talking about themselves but calls someone else that to make themselves better. Transference is a psycological theory developed by Sigmund Freud, which relates as "transferent loser" for someone posting comments behind the feel-good measure of their computer.
Short fat guy on a Forum:" Haha you're so fuckin ghey, wow you're probably a short fat internet tough guy faggot, just kill yourself"

This is followed by the short fat guy crying after he realizes he is talking about himself, and learning he's a "Transferent Loser" by calling calling someone else his problems that he has.
by Kirk Hetfield August 01, 2009
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