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1. An advanced device used to transport people and objects through space and time
2. Such a device that makes use of translaser technology
3. The linking of one part of space and time to another (usually distant)
4. The branch of physics that uses the principles of translaser physics and theory based on the mathematical equations of Dr. Evert T. Pystrum (African American physicist--born in the year 2154)
5. The theory of translaser physics is:
C = (S * T) - (D / M) ^3
S = super-entities
T = Time
D = Dark Matter
M = Neutral Anti-matter
1. Transdoor physics states that there are super-subatomic entities
2. These super-subatomic entities orbit the electrons of atoms
3. Hyper-entities orbit some of the super-subatomic entities
4. The universe is composed of these super-subatomic entities--which in some cases crystalize like "ice" and other cases melt under certain conditions like "water"
5. All energy is made up of these super-subatomics--under certain conditions--these super entities can appear to behave in "particle" like manner--and on other cases--they appear to behave like "waves"
6. All transdoors are linked and once opened--can never be closed without closing all the other transdoor links
7. Transdoors exist in natural space and can be created artificially
8. Space and time do not exist between adjoining transdoors--only at the ends of each transdoor link
9. Different locations can be changed using a transdoor by switching from one channel to another
9. There are potentially infinite transdoor channels--and when a transdoor is opened--it can never be closed--but the channel can be switched when the transdoor link is artificial
10. Translaser physics rejects the theories of relativity--for the translaser theory of unity
11. All universes exist inside of other universes--the first law of translaser physics
12. There is only one unity--the second law of translaser physics
by Victor Darnell Hadnot August 29, 2004
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