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When a male looks at a "female" who appears sexy in his eyes. However, he later finds that "she" is really a transgender who has a dick.
I was vibing with Kennay at a party. I thought she was an incredibly beautiful woman, and found myself fortunate enough to take her back to the crib that night. I was horribly dissapointed when she asked me if an 18 inch cock is something I might be interested in. I then realized I was a victim of transception.
by kennay6969 May 11, 2016
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(Noun) A combination of the words "Transceiver" and "reception", Transception appears in a few dictionary websites but without definition. (Usually also labeled "Rare")

The word literally means "A state of being able to receive a transmission"
"This electronic device is capable of transception."
by TheMeanCanadian July 04, 2015
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