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TrannyFucker is the name given to the soldier in a an infantry section who is presumed to be the most endowed or have the biggest dick . In order to combat the presence of such a male the other members of the section must convince this person to fuck trannies or at least try his best. For this to be effective a genuine effort has to be made by the lesser endowed section to get their more generously endowed section member or common nemesis to do this act ( of fucking a tranny ).
"Kenny is six foot , five..... I bet that SOB is fucking trannies!!!"
"I saw Kenny in the shower. Fucking TrannyFucker he is."
by TrannyFucker March 13, 2014
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When you're a chirstain boy and you dip your sausage in a ironing board with dyed hair.
"yo guys I just lost my v card to a tanny, I'm now a tranny fucker"
by Twoandahalfdan June 20, 2018
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