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Yes, one may think "getting tran ran" is something along the lines of "getting train ran"; however, the similarities stop after the third letter. The act of getting tran ran is not only an unforgettable experience, but is something that you will be able to tell your children, friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend, and councelor about with enthusiasum as well as with shame and greed. The act of getting tran ran, on many occasions, has led to the demise of a person's life, socially and mentally.

To give one simple definition as to what exactly getting tran ran is, one needs to keep these three key images in their mind; pink shoe laces, sparkles, and rainbows.

Now, to the definition. Gettin tran ran is simply when E. Tran comes up behind you and you just take whatever he has to give to you. Yes it might be a 2 inch Asian penis, but you know that cock has been in many-a-man's-ass on numerous occasions. The most noteable ass has been a young gentleman named A.B.; however, due to legal issues and copy write problems, his full name has to be let out.
Dude, you just got tran ran. Now, go look in the mirrow you dirty girl.
by TranCity69 November 23, 2008
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