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Uncontrollable bursts of profanity (like tourette syndrome) experience while stuck in traffic.
*talking on phone* "So yeah, then Kim turned around and MOTHER F&%@ER WHERE DID YOU F!^@ING LEARN TO DRIVE YOU PIECE OF $#!&! ... Anyway, so Kim says to me"

"Dang bro, sounds like you have some nasty traffic tourettes."
by b3rk February 09, 2009
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The uncontrollable urge to scream obscenities at other drivers who infringe on your space (whether real or imagined).
Jay: Man that guy just cut you off.
Mark: That @#$% can't drive worth @#$%.
Jay: I see your traffic tourette's is getting worse.
by JJE March 06, 2008
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