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1. Contrary to popular belief, it was not the faith Jesus taught, but started by St. Augustine.

2. The most filthy form of Christianity. They believe that anyone who does not follow them is doomed to eternal hell.

3. People who can sure dish out insults against any other people who do not think like them, but God forbid if anyone says anything bad about their cult, they get all mad.

4. Hypocracy at its best. They dont treat other kindly, but take time to make sure they follow the rules their church sets out.

5. People who cannot be reasoned with. Not only that, but their reasoning is really messed up.

6. Make bible matters more complicated by their church regulated theology.
Traditionalist Christianity

On Yahoo Answers, some bitch got all nasty with someone about having trouble accepting some Church belief that Animals not going to heaven, but then at the same time started freaking about how to properly dispose of some palms.

On Youtube, the Christian Universalist theologian L. Ray Smith exposes Bill Weises book "23 minutes in hell", and does a good job at exposing all the flaws. However some fundies go off commenting the video calling him arrogant. Really, the only thing arrogant I see is those fundies believe that anyone who does not believe as them is going to hell.

They fight about some of the stupidest stuff. There are people in the street starving, animals and children being abused, rainforests being destroyed, and serial killers on the loose, and they are fighting over stupid shit, like woman not being housewives, gays having relationships, teaching evolution at schools, rock and roll and lack of TV censorship. F them, they know nothing.
by Jerry1341 May 15, 2010
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