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Tradespace is used as a advertising tool its like a marriage between website and online directory.
The users can develop their Tradespace much like they can their website...... but many choose not too as its a complete waste of time and many just get websites because there is no point in Tradespace
DATE = 01.01.2007 - Johnny signs up to Tradespace as he is sitting with nothing to do and needs tom do some link building with his website.

(time goes past Johnny notices that the Tradespace doesn't do anything for his business so he packs his business in and sells up)

DATE = 01.01.2011 - Sales Rep- "Hi Johnny its xxx calling from Tradespace"
Johnny - "Trade...WHO!?, what you selling, im not interested"

Sales Rep - " Sir you already have it and its free, We are calling to find out how you use your Tradespace"

Johnny - "I don't use just set it up because it was free"

Sales Rep - " Okay well that's okay , we would like to offer you a free website review"

Johnny - " I don't even own the business anymore"

Sales Rep "Oh..... Well it won't matter now thanks for your time anyway sir"

(The Sales Rep goes on to make 150 similar calls and then loses all hope
by Confusedbyitall July 13, 2011
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