When someone gets bent over so bad the brain they once had implodes and allows for repeated rapeage in fantasy sports.
Bradley Reginald Jackson Dale got trade raped.

i.e. H. Sedin & K.Shattenkirk for Tyler Bozak
by Gotcha BLAAAAke February 10, 2014
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A term used to describe a fantasy football trade in which one team recieves a much better player or players. This term may also apply to other fantasy sports.
Cody was trade raped by Ryan when he traded Ryan Grant for Anquan Boldin.
by TheBiggestBossYouveSeenThusFar November 20, 2009
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In Fantasy Football - When you refuse to make a trade, and that decision ends up costing you your season.
There is no way I'll let you trade rape me with this trade offer! All my players are better than yours!

.....3 losing weeks later.....

If only I had made that trade, I would be in the playoffs... I Reverse Trade Raped myself!
by NOFFL - Stroh November 22, 2010
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