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The hottest chic EVER on Young & the Restless. She's played the character of Lauren Fenmore for freaking ever. Currently engaged to Micheal Baldwin, upping her hotness about a million percent. She was stripping for the guy! was hot..

*pic wont work*
yeah the redhead . she's with the totally wrong guy in that picture, but that's ok. she looks good.

Lauren Fenmore is a somewhat slutty character (but we love her anyway!!, and who isn't skanky in a soap) having hooked up with Scotty Grainger (before my time), old man Eric Forrester (really, WTF was she doing with him? like OMG! She is WAY too hot for him), Paul Williams, Danny Romalatti (before I was born!), currently her true love, Micheal Baldwin. And also she apparantly had an affair with Brad Carlton and gave him a heart attack in bed. and probably some random dudes from high school too. She has a son named Scotty and an arch nemisis..some biatch named Sheila. Gross!!

In real life, married..and has been married for like a really long time, has some kids (like 2 ..)...uhh *draws blank* OK there's nothing interesting. :p How about she has a cool clothing line, the hottest hair ever and... hm. she just really great!
"Hey did you see Tracey Bregman's, like emmy winning perforance the other day?"

"Uh, yeah Lauren rocks.."

lame example, add your own.
by cassandra2025 October 27, 2005
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