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1.A myth.
2.The belief that an American buying a Toyota steals jobs from Americans. Aside from the fact that most Toyota's sold in the USA are built in the USA by American workers, there is the fact that American car companies have SELF destructed by refusing to pay any attention to market studies, demographics as well as dealer and buyer input and build cars that Americans want to buy helping Toyota become the largest vehicle manufacturer in the world in mid-2007.
I thought I was contributing to Toyota Destruction by having a Camry, but all the American sedans blew ass so I just blame GM.
by BillyV April 25, 2007
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When the Toyota shit ass car company sells one car to someone they are putting 3 americans out of work. On the other hand Ford, GM, And Chrysler put americans back into work. Stupid Japanese Box on wheels.
Yo, I just bought a new Toyota Corolla! - Steve

Wow, I hate you for making americans lose their jobs due to Toyota Destruction - John
by Blademes April 18, 2007
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