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An extremely competitive high school focused on humanities in Flushing, Queens, and is labeled as one of the "top high schools" in the city. It's got high SAT scores by students, a 100% graduation rate most years, and near perfect passing rates of state tests.

It's difficult to get in; an incoming student needs excellent grades. It's difficult to even BE in the school, as the workload is insane. A student's classes are all honors and APs, and additional projects called "collaterals" are added to the curriculum. The physical education program is also rigorous.

The most common complaint by attending students is stress from overwork. Another complaint is a suffering social life, or perceived lack thereof.

It is said that a 90 in THHS is worth a 95 in most public schools. Is that supposed to make us happy?
Child: I wanna go to Townsend Harris High School! I'm going to study like fuck!

Harrisite: How bout you just enjoy your youth?
by The Anonymous Person. June 18, 2008
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A public school located in Flushing that has an emphasis on the Humanities. There are about 1,100 students enrolled in this selective school. Girls make up the majority of the population. Students are "Harrisites".

All of the classes are honors level, so only APs are weighted. Every year, students are assigned special "collateral" projects in each subject. Collaterals can be research papers, presentations, poems, or even art projects.

Since THHS is part of CUNY Queens College, students must take college classes, free of charge, during senior year. They are also allowed to use qc facilities, including the library and gym, all four years.

THHS is a short bus ride away from Main Street, Flushing where there's a variety of Asian restaurants, cafes, and shops.

It's an extremely safe school with a small atmosphere. In 2010, the US News and World report ranked THHS #33 out of "America's Best Public Schools".
1) Townsend Harris High School, originally founded in 1904, is named after the first United States Consul General to Japan.
by captchas are weird July 19, 2010
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A high school in Flushing, NY. Although it is a known as a "smart" school, (you need over a 90 average to get in, supposedly) you'd be surprised by how many idiots there are present. The school is relatively small, having just over 1100 students. It is notorious for giving a huge amount of workload, although with proper time management the homework is possible to accomplish. Despite its amount of morons, the school does have its fair share of smart people, and no gangs. Go here if you are terrified of Bloods and Crips.
1. You go to Townsend Harris High School? You fucking geek!

2. I applied for Townsend Harris High school, but I doubt I'll get in.
by Daniel ~ M February 09, 2007
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"man, those townsend kids look like in-shape zombies"
"yeah, i hear some of them grow horns from being in the building too long."
"whoa man! that's bad. It's a good thing we go to a normal high school..and not.. TOWNSEND HARRIS HIGH SCHOOL.."

casual chuckle.
by duchess May 02, 2006
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