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Tove is synonymous with perfect. She is strong in both mind and body. She is outgoing, cheerful, bubbly and a comic relief. She loves chocolate and cakes and anything with lots of calories. She takes good care of herself with a lot of training and other activities. She is caring and a wonderful friend. Supportive when needed and direct and objective when you become too whiny. Tove is full of energy, we often wonder where she obtains everything. She is one you can trust 100%. She is a wonderful colleague and a leader model. Do you know a Tove, you should feel honored.
Just remember that she has a violent temper, so do not piss her of, if you dont`t have to. But even when she is at its angriest she can still be objective, which is not all bestowed. It is impossible to know Tove and not love her.
Hi ! Whats Your name?
Omg. I think I love you already!

She is so Tove. Like really Perfect!!
Tove Julin is like the defenition on perfect
by The know all things November 10, 2016
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