A phrase for which the true meaning is unknown, but it appears to be a symptom of low intelligence. Evidence of the word's use in context suggests that it signals the poverty of one's mind, and a reflexive cluelessness that can come only from years of indoctrination into reality television culture and a constant exposure to the murmuring trickle of noise that passes as communication between one's similarly indoctrinated peers.
College Girl 1: "Omg this pizza is like, totes amazeballs!!"

College Girl 2: "Right!?"

College Girl 3: "Hey we need to get back to writing this essay about the influence of afrocentric feminism on the interior design industry."

College Girls 1 & 2: "Totes..."
by Doanage March 05, 2019
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Recently brought to my attention by a fond friend. Use this term whenever possible and the opportunities to use it will be endless. This term is short for 'Totally Amazing'
Dewey: Hey Fuzzy.. What u wanna do after work tonight, it's my Birthday! (to the power of ten repeated)
Fuzzy: I dunno.. Let's get wasted?
Dewey: You know it! Totes Amazeballs!
by Fuzzwan August 01, 2011
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