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A small constituency of upper middle class and piddling rich folks, often with advanced degrees, who tend to be moderately liberal on social issues and moderately conservative on fiscal issues. They all long for a “technocratic” leader who will listen to the experts (the middle way folks!) to enact sensible policies (supported by the middle way who benefit directly from them).

A reference to Teabaggers, since they are equally deluded.
Jon Stewart is the patron saint of Tote-baggers. They don't think he's funny; they think he's God.
by Punditos Maximos October 26, 2015
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A left-winger, an antonym of "teabagger," from the tote bags offered as premiums for donations to public TV and radio stations.
She's read both of Obama's autobiographies. What a fuckin' tote-bagger.
by Voton February 16, 2011
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