Ready or not, it's like Total Paranoia.
You know how to pray, but he won't go away...
Hym "There is only one man on the planet who can write music that is both Jazz and Metal... Total Paranoia is not Jazz... But it is Metal..."

Iam "....Do... Do I choose my interests? Or do they choose me?"

Hym "I don't know what you mean."

Iam "We might not have taken this with the appropriate amount of seriousness..."

Hym "Yes, yes, well... Our glibness is a large part of our appeal." 🤷

Iam "Huh.... This... Is not as trivial... As I once thought..."

Hym "Oho! No, you're right. We are definitely screwed. Hahaha!"

Iam "Hmm... We might have to switch to serious mode."

Hym "Oh? But that wouldn't be any fun! And we're in the middle of our game!"

Iam "I know but we might actually have to deal with them."

Hym 😩 "They're so boring! At least this guy is providing us with a bit of a challenge..."

Iam "They're beginning to constitute more of a threat than previously anticipated."

Hym "UGH!!😩 Fine..."
by Hym Iam July 26, 2022