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This is when one experiences something so amazing that it stimulates the entire body, mind, and soul, from head to toe. It is truly rattling in one of the most pleasurable ways imaginable, and this phrase should be used sparingly and with utmost sincerity.
Example #1
Tony: "That was by far the best sex I've ever had."
Sally: "No kiddin', that was a Total Body Orgasm (TBO)!"

Example #2
Miles: "Hey Tyler, how's that chocolate molten lava cake treating you?"
Tyler: "...."
Tyler's Mother: "Miles, just look at Tyler. His eyes are rolled back, he's drooling, his body is trembling and his pants are clearly stained. Obviously, he is experiencing a Total Body Orgasm (TBO). Waiter, I'd like to order one of those delicious cakes as well!"
by Brocker V November 16, 2009
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