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To stop someone from stealing one of your tater tots. This usually happens when a hungry friend thinks you are distracted and reaches for a tot from your plate. Then you catch them in the act just in time.
Bob: So I told her I don't care what color -- Hey, bro! (looks down at plate and brandishes a fork threateningly) Lay off the tots! I'm going to eat those!

Tom: Dang! I just got tot blocked!
by ATL Livin' February 16, 2011
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Being cockblocked by someone ages 13-0, otherwise known as a 'tot'.
1.Man I was about to get blown until her little sister totblocked me!

2.I was about to get it on at south access and then that coke head totblocked me!
by howtomakefriendsforfags July 24, 2011
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When you are rejected sexual intercourse because of the presence of a toddler
I had to babysit the other day, and that little kid totally tot blocked me.
by ThatsGWHY May 18, 2011
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