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A WoW player from Germany who "beat" Athene's first power leveling record from 1-70, completing the feat in 1 day 4 hours played compared to Athene's initial 1 day 19 hours.

It was later revealed that Tosog was carried by his guildies, planned the routes for over 200 hours and used rested XP to achieve this while Athene did it with only a 70 mage and all non rested XP.

Only a week later, Athene destroyed Tosog's faux record by power leveling Mineva in only 1 day 2hrs, non rested with just himself and Furious.

Tosog is a lawlable nub. Athene Wins.

To "pull a Tosog" is incredibly offensive in the WoW community because it implies that one cheated and was carried to a prominent position and is in fact a nub that should have a 1200 rating using Deep Thunder.
"Wow, Greg is a Tosog and needs to L2P"

by Tosoglawls March 27, 2008
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