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Torsofuck is a finnish Goregrind band. Their minds are fucking twisted! Check out some of their lyrics! They make lyrics, but don't actually sing 'em :P..

"Few days ago I bought a cat
It is so cute, I want to fuck it hard
Walking on four legs, shaking that little ass
Dirty fucking slut who deserves to suffer
I place my cock in the center of tis asshole"

"What a perfect sight to see
Decomposed dead bitch
I spread her buttocks wide and I love what I see
Anus covered with worms
I masturbate as I fingerfuck
Slimy rectum, full of rot and shit
Maggots crawling, insects feasting
I squirt my load allover her ass"

Torsofuck is fucking Twisted!
by Yllevante December 05, 2006
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