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A person who is unable to be called a 'body'builder as they only train the upper half of their body, leaving everything below their waist to resemble chicken legs as they do not incorporate a leg day within their workout routine.
Typically male, and resembles that of a gym bunny in the way that they are obsessive at their physical appearance, but are too lazy to lift anything with their legs, making them a mockery in the bodybuilding community.
Are also very defensive about any comments directed towards their child like sized legs.
A: "Haha, check out that guy over there thinking he's a boss pressing hard on bench, have you seen his legs??"
B: "Omg, they're literally going to snap in half when he stands up"
A: "Pffftt I know, such a torsobuilder...."
by Banimus October 20, 2015
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