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The biggest fattest loser freak in all of azeroth, he sucks Rel's dick every single night. His mother is a prostitute. He loves screwing people out of loot so he can keep his circlejerk of officers to their their daily soggy biscuit routine.
Hey, I'm so glad I'm not a Torpy, that guy is the fattest loser on Barthilas and he doesn't even know who his father is.
by rel is so fat June 07, 2011
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a really freakin weird dude who plays guitar, gets squished by people like david, and is generally just a freaky person. who plays guitar.
you've got to get torpy out of my salad dressing
by chaos April 24, 2004
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someone who spends most of the day on a computer and looking like they havn't seen the sun in 5 years (due to excessive computer gaming) and acts as though he has as many friends in the real world as he does in his cyber world. Has an abnormally small head for his bodysize and arthritic hands from a strange fetish with rubix cubes. Also loves goosebumps books and often has wet dreams about their author steven king.
man, that dude is such a torpy. all he does is play world of warcraft.
by Hoog-rat August 23, 2007
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when describing someone or something as being mean, one would use the word torpy, referring to Torpy herself who is the epitome of unkindess and unfriendlyness.
"Oh my god, you're sooo torpy"

"Don't be so torpy!!"

"What a torpy bitch!"
by sylvii February 01, 2008
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