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The overwhelming belief by other Ontarians that you will be shot, mugged, raped, and murdered the instant you set foot in Toronto.

This phenomenom is generally seen in people from small towns and rural areas, but is also curiously prevalent among the older citizens of Oshawa, a neighbouring city of considerable size with a MUCH higher rate of crackheads per capita.
Deena: Okay, we're going to go shopping in downtown Toronto, but I really don't want to carry this fifty on me.

Kaytor: Why not? You're going with a group of people to a crowded area in broad daylight. Are you planning on waving it around like a little red flag?

Deena: Well, no... but you know, it's Toronto. People get shot there!!!1

Kaytor: You have horrible Torontophobia.
by Mighty Kaytor February 25, 2009
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