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A man with a big dick. Like, the biggest dick ever. Like, so big not even light can escape it's gravitational pull. Like, so big he uses the Great Wall of China as a condom. Like, so big that Noah's flood was just him ejaculating. Like, Sperm Whales have a shrine to him despite having 12 foot dicks themselves. Like, so big that he carries around his own personal Tower of Joy. It derives from Tormund Giantsbane, the 4th best character in A Song of Ice and Fire. He finds a way to bring up his member in every sentence. This man is the complete opposite of a Littlefinger. A common example of this is The Most Interesting Man in the World.
Ex 1: Dany: Did you hear about Mel? She totally sucked Jon's dick the other night. I hear that he's a total Tormund.
Marge: NO WAY! OMG! Well, Tom might be only 9, but he ain't too bad himself. I should know.

Ex 2: Dave: Listen, Mel, I know Jon got a big dick, but he ain't got nothing on Stan. That's a Tormund if I've ever seen one. Plus, you're a total whore, you pyromaniac bitch.
by ScottTheGiantDick December 21, 2014
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