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A person who is the fastest Blackberry user( or texter) in a group or organization. The designation of Top Thumb goes to the person who can reply the fastest to emails from the boss, point out errors in your messages and otherwise make mere normal mortals appear foolish and clumsy.
1. Jester is in a sales meeting and just sent his long Blackberry email he spent 1 hour thumbing explaining the last sales report. 2 seconds pass, his Blackberry tones a new email has arrived:

To: All
From : Maverick
Re: Error on Sales Report Email from Jester

Jester holsters his Blackberry and hangs his head in shame. To all those in attendance, Jester just crashed and burned. Maverick is now Top Thumb.

2. " Oh look , heres a mesage from Dave ( the boss) asking for suggestions for the new sales campaign!"

5 seconds later..." Ice Man thinks to himself: Here's my opportunity to submit the idea I discussed at the ( Blackberry tones a new email has arrived) ...F@1~&! me! Maverick already replied! With my idea! How in the f%4#& does he do that?" Damn he'll always be Top Thumb around here...."

by GFeet February 17, 2009
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