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To engage in a civilized discussion based on compromising with the peers you discuss tripe with, while keeping an open mind and laughing away disagreements and agreements. Usually stereotyped and portrayal of well aged men donning the garb of the usual business man and sipping on the finest of wine in front of a raging fire.
Johnathan and William are the best of friends, who share their differences through agreements. They engage in Top Hat & Monocle Discussions to show that they can understand each other without the exchange of hurtful words.

William : Do you believe Abortion is right?

Johnathon : Oh William, you do know we have no say in the beliefs of others

William : people do have the power to influence, correct?

Johnathon : People should have their own choice, I personally don't believe in taking away the lives of unborn children only because their parent isn't supposedly "ready" but why should I have a say in their choice?

William : You're right, why should we decide for others.
by The Souper Nazi May 26, 2009
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