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A person who attempts to be all things to all persons, and has no solid inner core of values. Usually a politician. To be used sparingly, especially when either "tool" or "bitch" would be adequate by itself.
"He'll vote for that, because he's the sponsor's bitch." "It isn't surprising she's out doing his dirty work, she's such a tool." "This guy won't do anything without taking an opinion poll first, and will try to take both sides of one issue in the same sentence. What a ToolBitch." E.G. John Kerry on Iraq funding. "I actually voted for it before I voted against it."
by Glockmeister November 19, 2004
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The guy who can't really help you fix the car you are working on or anything else for that matter. So to make them feel like they are worth anything at all you allow them to get you the tools you need for the job. Which is your first mistake cause this person is to much of a tard to know what tool you are talking about so you end up having to get it yourself.
Me: Hey can you hand me a Phillips Screwdriver and some Channel Locks.

Tool Bitch: Sure thing buddy ole pal... Phillips are the flat ones right? And what do Channel locks look like?

Me: Jesus dude, forget it. Can you just hand me the box cutter right there..

Tool Bitch: Here, but what do you need that for?

Me: My wrists.
by cool cool. April 16, 2010
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