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The stupid shit head that walks around in Modern Warfare online and grenade launches people until you rage.
That's the 7th and final time that toober grenade launches me! *BOOM* AHHHHH!
by Dancing_Burritos January 06, 2010
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One who's appendages resemble a tubular like structure. Particuallaly found among people with out muscle, or that do not take part in lifting weights.
A Toob-er may be found in groups of smokers, beer drinkers, and/or be of an age that is not preferable to be working out (very small chilcdren are much more likely to be Toob-ers)
Toob-er(s)may have tube like arms that resemble a paper towel roll, they also may have toob like legs that resemble a drinking straw.
by Ramborach May 30, 2008
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Toober is a person who uploads videos to youtube, subscribes to youtube channels or a fan of youtube also known as utoob.
by mactifosi May 18, 2010
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