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Too Dope To Die - By my definition means that no matter how haters or wanna-be's try to bring you down they can't bring you down cause when you know you are Too Dope To Die there is not a thing anyone can do to bring you down in this world. Cause your consciousness is elevated to a higher state of reflection and vibration...

Why should I conceal the fact that I feel like a David in a world of corrupted Goliaths. Cuz my voice is like a stone being thrown from a sling bringin down the giant's

Wannabe Thugs = The exploiters of society, the manipulators of the innocent that deceive the naive and the perpetrators of the poor and weak. The reason I put it this way in the song is because a real gangsta is not a coward and only coward's attacks the poor, the innocent, the loving and the peaceful. Yet the song points out one must beware that even as a King David in fighting a monster or Goliath sometimes they themselves can become a monster or Goliath in the search for justice and revolution.

Listen to the song closely to understand the analogy's and metaphors.

Such as you are all my statistics like missile ballistics means that all the corrupted Goliaths of the world are my statistics and the voice weapon is like a stone being thrown bringin down the giant's.

Get hip on this people this is the revolutionary movement of the Voice Weapon and The Dj's Tale bringin that new shit !!!

Too Dope To Die was written by Lydon Keith 2011 ©™ !
2-Pac and Biggie Smalls and every other great rock star or entertainer. Because even though they died there music is way Too Dope To Die.

Bugzy Lux Ect
by Lithius Laker January 27, 2011
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