Too Serious is to be exclaimed When somebody takes something out of context,overreacts,does something or acts ridiculously,or reacts more serious than necessary to something that's can also be used whenever something is just completely awkward and "out there",like a really long name.
generated in the south,the slang phrase,"Too Serious" isn't well known.the term "too serious" has been used over and over,making the term itself,ironically,too serious.
other variations of the word,"too damn serious","too fucking serious","you're so serious",Etc.
*a schoolgirl steps in gum and throws her books and papers all over the place in a ferocious tantrum while exclaiming very loudly.*

Jimbo Jim:man that chick is too really like to slit her throat and hide her body in a dumpster.

billy bob joe:jesus christ man! YOU'RE too serious!

jimbo jim:you're name is too serious.bam.

billy bob:shit man,you know sometimes..sometimes words hurt..
by Jacob-A.K.A. InFamous December 16, 2009
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