A very jovial and interesting person to talk to,although very annoying and romantic,likes food and always ready to listen to his friends,caring and stupid sometimes,act like they are strong,and very cute,the guy all guys wants to be and all girls want,he is a good human being,if u have a tonye in ur life do not let him go,he is the best person who will ever come to ur life.
I kept d flower for tonye
by Mumse January 08, 2020
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The most talented and beautiful black woman sans afro in the world
Guy 1: I saw a Christine yesterday
Guy 2: Yeah? Well I saw a Tonye
Guy 1: Oh, Screw that Christine!
by HateFck July 29, 2011
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Tonye is an example. She is different from any girl you've met before. Accommodating, intelligent, trust worthy and loving. If you have a Tonye in your life, as a friend, lover, sister, colleague or inlaw. Then the stars are in your favour. Tonye is a whole mood, she is the Cinderella and snow white of urban times. Very beautiful in and out. Tonye is next to godliness. Make sure to have a Tonye in your life. Life is sweeter with Tonye around.
Tonye is an excellent human giving to us from heaven
by Tamyton February 05, 2020
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