The CEO and co-founder of Frontwire Studios, the company behind the Star Wars Battlefront 3 remake turned independent project called Galaxy in Turmoil, or GiT for short. On September 30, 2017, Tony was forced to delay the demo for GiT. Tony explained why he made this choice in a video called "GiT Demo Update", where he explains that Frontwire Studios is a volunteer studio where the developers have full time jobs and family commitments. He also explained how they want to make the game as best as possible upon release. This leads many fans today wondering when they will finally be able to experience the world of GiT...
Sup guys Tony with Frontwire Studios here

Tony when will we get GiT

Tony give us more GiT leaks pls

Tony Romanelli is god
by EmperorPig July 5, 2018
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