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When you’re hungry AF, salivary glands going crazier than a hood ho on crack, waiting for food that’s busing cooking on the BBQ or in the oven, cannot wait any longer and needs tah taste test them sweet-ass tidbits immediately. By this time the food’s about done but minutes seem like hours away so you reach in and pinch your prime sample and pop it in your mouth. This is where the act of tongue juggling kicks in, it’s an art form and not for the faint-hearted. This involves delicately juggling the piece of food around on your tongue so as not to burn this insides of your mouth. This is usually accompanied by some form of circular breathing to help regulate the food’s temperature so it can feel like you’re playing a mah-fuggin invisible didgeridoo. Once mastered it can be to your detriment though as when it comes time to dish up your meal there ain’t much left.
Letisha: "Damn gurl, them chicken wings done yet!?"
Shaquandra: "They should be ready in like 5 minutes, let me go check."
Shaquandra: "Dah-actual-faq! where dem chickens wings at, someone been tongue juggling them bitches!"
Letisha: "Jamal!!!! you been tongue juggling our food?? imma whoop yo ass boy!"
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by Samurai_DBN September 17, 2016
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