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Heather is a blonde hair blue eyed, charming girl who has the voice of an angel, loves hanging out with her friends, and be by Tommy 24/7.
Tommy has brown eyes and red hair, and freckles, he loves playing the drums, hanging out with his friends, showing off the natural talent he has with sports and being with his number one fan... Heather!!

They started off as childhood best friends but ended up falling for each other later on in their lives. They define the saying Meant-To-Be. They can be away from each other without fear that they'll lose what they have. All the other couples want to be like them. They are the king and queen of their universe and they make sure that everyone knows it.
Girl 1: Tommy + Heather are goals.
Girl 2: IKR they make me so jealous
Girl 1: I KNOW!!! It's so unfair!!!
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by HAF200 May 14, 2018
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