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Someone you don't necessarily like, but are forced to be friends with anyway.

A reference to creator Myspace Tom Anderson; who is automatically on a user's friend list when they create their profile.
Person 1: Jim is totally a Tom friend. I've known him since first grade and our moms know each other; not being friends with him isn't an option.
by CincyReds Fan October 03, 2009
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A girl, usually a tomboy, who isn't like those girls who want everything and spend their boyfriend's money. Whenever the boyfriend wants to buy her something she always says he doesn't have to and means it.
Boy One: Oh my god my girlfriend spent all my money. She is the worst.
Boy Two: I offered to buy my girlfriend an ice cream cone and she had an argument with me.
Boy One: Your girlfriend is such a TomFriend!!!
by Astyro February 24, 2015
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