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(Foxley - Common abbreviation)

Tom Foxley

1)Noun: often used to descibe a certain arrangement of facial features usually giving the viewer an urge to punch said face.

2)Noun: used to describe one whom oft has an air of innocence used as a visual facade yet he frequently uses this facade to bed unwilling, emotionally vulnerable or intoxicated women

3)Verb: To Foxley - to describe the action of bedding an unwilling, emotionally vulnerable or intoxicated woman
(The past participle of this verb can also be used as an adjective to describe one of said women whom have been objected to the act of 'Foxleying')

4) Noun: Cunt
1) 'Dude that guy so annoys me, he's got one of those Tom Foxley faces, Know what I mean?'

'I know man, I just wanna lay that dick out.'

2) 'Hey, did you hear, Michael got with Millie when she was wasted'

'Yeah I know, he's such a Tom Foxley.'

3) Millie got Foxleyed. (adj)

Michael was Foxleying Millie all night.

4) 'You're such a Foxley'

'Man, why are you being such a Tom Foxley?'
by AfroBoyz July 10, 2008
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