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A tokenbash (Toke-&-Bash), is a grand event amongst marijuana users where no less than a quarter pound of marijuana is smoked in one night with a group of friends.

The most traditional way to start such an event is to have people sit down and (using a single grinder) grind all of the marijuana up (by using a single grinder, keif can be collected and smoked at the very end of the night) before even thinking about smoking any of the pile...from then on the entire event is a free smoke fest where, from the central pile, everybody involved is continuously packing/rolling bowls/blunts/bongs/whatever and passing the items around so that at any one point in time, everybody has a lit smoking device and is taking a hit.

These events hold the highest secrecy, are invitation only, and everybody except the driver(event leader) must be blindfolded before departing to the area where the tokenbash will occur (the first official tokenbash is to be held at an abandoned school house where there will be a bonfire for example).
guy1: "Hey man, whats the plan for tomorrow?"
guy2: "I'm picking up a half-pound from my dealer for the tokenbash im throwing for all of us!"
guy1: :O "We are going to be soooooo ripped bro"
by le we3d king February 20, 2011
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