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A boy or man usually Gay that is submissive and a slave to a Master or Dom and enjoys Gay Sex in toilets, cottages or kept at home to serve as a toilet. A Gay Sex Pig, like a Pissboy that drinks piss from boys cocks or is pissed over for sexual pleasure. A Toiletboy becomes the toilet himself. he drinks piss from cocks, urinals and toilets. Licks dirty toilets and drinks piss and or eats shit. He farms Shit, Scat from toilets to eat later.
I went into the Mens Room to find a Toiletboy eating and drinking from the toilet.
by yellowboy16 July 06, 2010
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The kid who always puts his hand up in the middle of class and asks,
"Sir/Miss, can I go to the toilet?"
To which the teacher answers,
"Why didn't you go before the lesson?"
To which he replies,
"I didn't need to go then"
Eventually they have to let him go otherwise he'll wet himself.

Usually there's nothing wrong with this kind of thing, but to be classed as a Toilet Boy you have to do this more or less all the time.
Man, that Billy always needs a pee in the middle of the lesson. He's such a Toilet Boy.
by scribblersam May 13, 2010
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