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Strictly a Male based role. When using a urinal in a Club or Pub another man feels the need to converse, normally making eye contact, just to make the situation even more awkward.
Guy 1: "How'd it go last night with that girl?"

Guy 2 "Dude! Every time I had a piss there was a toilet jockey talking at me. Completely put me off my stride "
by Ashbk February 02, 2010
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They guy/girl you find in restrooms at clubs, who doles out soap, paper towel and peddles wares in return for pocket change.

This Guy or girl frequently hijacks the sink, and removes all soap and towels from the free dispensers in hopes of garnering your pocket change. This leaves the client with the choice of leaving the restroom dirty-handed or to pay for the use of toiletries that were usually free.
Don't forget to bring change to the bathroom to pay the Toilet Jockey.
by Mississauga Steve February 26, 2007
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