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Toesex (also known as toejobs), just like a footjob or footsex, means that a girl uses her toes and/or toenails to jack off or tickle a man's dick, for sexual fun and pleasure.

Beverly has sexy red toenails after trimming and painting them. She gave me the best toesex ever - by using both of her feet, using her first and second toes to softly caressing and pinching my dick. She also dig her toenails on every part of my dick and balls. Oh... that girl is so hot! I love her for that.
by ToemanExtreme April 09, 2008
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When someone inserts their large toe inside a vagina and/or anus. This can last for up to 25 minutes until the toe loses all feeling. Keep toe nails short please.
Randy, oh randy let's have some more toe sex.
by iamtheonlyenemy July 25, 2011
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the insertion of ones big toe into the gap of another persons toes and then shakin d foot in n out of the "gap" in a sexual manner.
i want to fuck ur big toe sex !!!
by devilishsazzalish December 06, 2006
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When one lays ontop of another being and they suck the live life out of eachothers toes until they are whiter da white.
by James Blackwell March 26, 2003
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having imagainary sex in your dreams and waking up to find your toe in someones balls
tyler wakes up and finds that his toe is in jawads balls
by shaniqua July 23, 2004
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