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A term used throughout south Louisiana refering to a toby's typical hair style of gelled bangs against the forehead to the point where they resemble icicles. Most of the time the bangs are frosted or bleached and are placed right above a wife beater and thin mustache that is about as grown out as a cat that went through chemotherapy.
When I was in high school I had bleached tobcicles and was a man-cheerleader. Thank goodness I grew out of that stage!

I was clubbing and my huge, fake diamond earring fell out - I just took a little gel off the ole tobcicles and stuck it back in my ear and it stayed there the whole night!

All my flat billed hats and visors are 100% white so when I am fist pumping at the club in my oversized baby blue polo the sweaty gel from my tobcicles doesn't show up.

I just bought the brand new all white Nike high-tops and when my roommate found me banging his 14 year old sister he threw them at my forehead and there was so much gel in my tobcicles the shoe just stuck to my face!

My new hair stylist just moved here from down da bayou and she fixed my hair in tobcicles - I can't wait to go out tonight!

I think I might fix my tobcicles to resemble my tribal neck tattoo tonight.

My car is on cinder blocks so we have to walk to the gas station to get some black & milds. I hope my wife beater and tobcicles don't get too messed up with all this heat because I just freshened up with my Vanilla Ice cologne.
by michelleclaire April 19, 2011
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