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An alternate way to say "Totally Awesome" or "Totes Awes" (in abbreviated form)
This word was formed in Duluth, MN. Perkins. 1:38am.

Linda: That'd be totally awesome
Alicia: YOU'RE totes awes!
Linda: ...Did you just say toadsauce?

Uses: Toadsauce can be used in place of any word.

In it's original context: "Wanna go to the mall? Yeah, that'd be toadsauce!" , "You're the toadsauciest person I know"
As an object/substance: "Oop, you gotta little toadsauce on your cheek, dude" , "Don't step in the toadsauce"
In love: "I am mad toadsaucin' for you"
In anger: "You're a toadsauce! NO, YOU'RE A TOADSAUCE, ASSBAG!"
by HeartSleeves May 29, 2009
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